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The 13th Tribe of Israel - House of Dina

The Thirteenth Tribe of Israel – House of Dina – is a series about courage, about going out into the world, meeting others and learning their practices and ways. Having the compassion to let feelings guide your actions, understanding others’ needs based on their emotions, evolve beauty, harmony, infinity with humanity as a Whole. That is Enlightenment.


Geraldine Mailender

Artist Geraldine L Mailender, née Geri Anne Lazarus, over the course of time married, raised a family, and opened a successful occupational therapy health and wellness practice in Cincinnati, Ohio. “Geraldine L Mailender,” her legal name, was created upon the advice of her attorney, and first utilized in her therapy practice and has remained her nom d’artiste. From her formative years in Pittsburgh, PA, Geri found her way to The Ohio State University, where she acquired her advanced degree, and onward to Cincinnati where, as a single mother, she raised two children, both of whom have now blessed her with four granddaughters, who share her love of art and artistic creation. Now calling Chicago, Illinois “home,” Geri has produced an already impressive body of work and is enthusiastic to share what inspires her with the world.

Geraldine L Mailender