Waterfalls on Snake River


Yellowstone National Park, WY Painting on silk, original 19” X 19” ready to hang, Asian embroidery embellishment.
With meditation comes the healing energy of white light from the sky entering the crown chakra, cleansing and cleaning every cell in the body, shedding all that is not white light and love. Following this detoxification of brain buzz, Spiritual Wisdom now has a place to rest within.

Watercolor on silk is my favorite fine art media: alive, colorful, and abstract. Each unique silk artwork comes spontaneously from my heart; then embellished with my own hand done embroidery. This three dimensional, multi-media piece is professionally framed and ready to adorn your special wall space. For your home, office, gift list, select the silk that catches your eye, uplifts your spirit, and speaks something meaningful to you.

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